Past Projects


Spring 2016

Drawchange is a non-profit that works to empower children through art and letting them express themselves creatively, something that may not have been an option before. This team helped Drawchange by improving their marketing strategy and volunteer acquistion strategy.  They streamlined the volunteer form, created a volunteer resource packet, and updated the website to accomplish this.

Beloved Atlanta

Spring 2016

BeLoved Atlanta is a residential program that empowers women who want to leave prostitution, trafficking and overcome addiction.  They are developing a program to educate first time purchasers of sex.  Our team helped them by researching and writing a proposal for the Sex Trafficking Exploitation Education Program (STEEP) that will be presented to the Attorney General of Georgia.  The proposal shows financial feasibility of the program, reveals findings of social contribution, and persuades action for implementation.

Athena's Warehouse

Spring 2016

Athena's Warehouse is a nonprofit dedicated to educating and empowering underserved teen girls in Atlanta.  Our team helped them by mapping community resources available to students at Cross Keys High School.

Agape Center

Spring 2016

The Agape Center is a nonprofit dedicated to ending the generational cycle of poverty in the Atlanta community.  They offer variety of free afterschool programs and family services for underprivileged families.  Our team created a visual representation of the poverty factors in the North Atlanta School District to communicate the importance of the Agape Center.

Scholarship Academy: Database Team

Spring 2015

This team improved the scholarship tracking system used by Scholarship Academy. They accomplished this by creating a form that allowed anyone to add a scholarship and by writing scripts with Excel VBA that allowed users to easily manage the scholarships in the system. They also connected the list of scholarship info to Google Docs so that it could be shared with anyone. This project allowed Scholarship Academy to have a more reliable, flexible scholarship database. 

Center for Working Families

Spring 2015

The Center for Working Families's Lead Safe Atlanta Program provides free lead inspections for at-risk homes, but not everyone knows about this opportunity and free program. This group identified their problem as inefficient strategies of marketing, use of resources, and potential safety concerns. They formed a marketing strategy that involves multiple forms of media (radio, public service announcement) and establishments (churches, barber shops) that can specifically target their demographic.

Enchanted Closet

Fall 2014

Our team analyzed the existing inventory logistics and developed an efficient and sustainable inventory tracking system to track inflow and outflow of donated dresses, shoes, accessories, and makeup. The items are organized by these categories and subcategories (Prom, Non-Prom, Short/Medium/ Long Dresses, Damaged/Soiled, etc.), and the system allows the user to create personalized tables to view item lists of certain categories and subcategories. The system also maintains the donor contact information and assists in generating acknowledgment letters.

Urban Perform

Fall 2014

Our team was asked to define a region called a "fitness desert", identify the areas in Atlanta that met that criteria, and show the relationships between "fitness deserts", "food deserts", and other demographic information. Using food deserts as a template for our model of identification, we located low income areas that have low access to surrounding fitness facilities. We found that there are certain food deserts that intersect with our identified fitness deserts, and identified new areas in Atlanta where the kind of community intervention that Urban Perform does is possible.

The Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc

Spring 2014

Our team analyzed and evaluated real-estate records to quantitatively demonstrate the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc.'s success in renovating foreclosed homes in Douglasville county to increase home values in the area. This project allowed ANDPI to return to investors with demonstrable value and a stronger pitch for continued development in the future.