About Us

Who We Are

Epic Intentions is an interdisciplinary society of Georgia Tech volunteers whose purpose is to aid local non-profits, social enterprises, and civic-minded entrepreneurs through service-oriented design projects.

What We Do

We partner with Atlanta-based non-profits, social enterprises, and civic-minded entrepreneurs to design and implement innovative projects that provide long lasting sustainable returns to their organizations.

How We Do It

  • Teams are comprised of 4-6 students and a mentor (Georgia Tech faculty or alumni) with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets

  • Dedicated and passionate students are matched to projects based on interest and skills

  • Projects are 10-12 weeks in length

    • Initial scoping meeting

    • Independent teams work 4-6 hours per week

    • Weekly project status meetings with non-profit organization

    • Bi-weekly progress report presentations to all Epic Intentions members

    • Final presentation of deliverables

    Meet the Team

    Suraj Sehgal - President
    "I joined Epic Intentions because I wanted to volunteer more than just my time to help my local community. What I love about Epic is that we bring together students who want to use their skills to make a difference. It is a reminder that while the contributions we make to our communities might be small, their impact can be epic!"
    Elizabeth Osman - VP of External Affairs
    "I had absolutely no coding experience when I joined Epic Intentions, but I worked hard to learn as much as I could during my two projects, because I was so excited to get to help local non-profits. From Epic Intentions I gained hard skills, such as knowledge about MySQL and database development, but, more importantly, I learned the importance of the work we do to our clients."
    Shreya Keshive - VP of Internal/Campus Affairs
    "I joined Epic Intentions because this organization allowed me to combine two of my passions - coding and community service. Not only was I able to work on projects that directly impacted the ATL community but I also gained technical, communication, and time management skills."
    Elianna Paljug - Mentor
    "I became involved with Epic Intentions because I believe every student with a blessing as precious as a Georgia Tech education has an amazing opportunity and genuine responsibility to use his or her skills for good. Atlanta already has so many fantastic people tirelessly working to help our fellow citizens, and I hope to ensure all students know they can assist with that essential endeavor"